İsmail Şahin is of Turkish descent and was born on December 12, 1975 in Stockach south Germany.


İsmail grew up in a rural part of Germany. In 2006 he founded his film production company Macchiato Pictures. His first short movie Hakim which he produced and directed himself in Africa, Tanzania was internationally very successful and got him several Awards such as the UNICEF Award and the Humanitarian Award, just to mention a few. After he successfully directed a couple more shorts of his own which were presented at several International Film Festivals, he wrote the script for his first mutual project. This was his first feature Film "Nicht schon wieder Rudi", a film about Friendship and Alzheimer disease which he was nominated for "Best Director" with the "New Faces Award". In addition to working as a primetime director for German and Turkish TV productions, İsmail creates his own original TV-shows focusing on an international audience.


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